Other Treatments

Several treatment options are available for the treatment of fungus toenails, ranging from home therapies, topical applications, prescription medications to laser.† The course of therapy should be decided between the patient and their podiatrist, taking into account the many variables that may influence the outcome.†

Dr. Max Weisfeld


Baltimore, Maryland

An important distinction to realize when choosing therapy is whether the therapy provides fungi static results or fungicidal results.


Fungi static results retard the advance of the organism but does not result in an eradication of the organism.† Many of the topical medications, currently on the market, claim fungi static attributes.† Also, many of the home remedies, or Herbal compounds claim to retard the advancement of the organism.† However, these courses of therapy, rarely, if ever, eradicate the causative organism.


Fungicidal therapy results, usually, in eradication of the causative organism.† This therapy is achieved by oral medications that attack the organism at its sourceówhich is internal.†

Permanent avulsion of the infected toenails.† Many patientís choose the option of permanently removing the toenails.† This is an ambulatory procedure, often, performed under local anesthesia in the podiatristís office.† It, also, may be performed in an Ambulatory Surgical Center or in a Hospital.† There is, often, little to no discomfort reported by the patients.† The toenail(s) is/are removed and the root of the toenail is permanently eradicated to eliminate a new growth of a toenail.†† Healing times varies upon the condition of the patient, but usually occurs in 8 to 12 weeks.† Normal daily activities can continue during the healing period.

Photo, above, is a patient, of Dr. Weisfeld, one year following permanent nail avulsion of all of the toenails on the left foot.† Patient is very pleased with the long term results and will never have fungus toenails again.

A new therapy, recently approved by the FDA, for the treatment of toenail fungus is laser treatment.

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