Covering up is a dangerous practice.  As mentioned on the home page, many people simple try to ignore the symptoms, of fungus toenails, and cover them up — note the “mustache, nose, and glasses” disguise, to the left…….and NO, I don’t look like this.  :-)


Because fungus toenails are caused by a living organism, that organism is continually multiplying

and searching for new areas to invade and take over.  This takeover is, most, often the same toenail, and in many instances the neighboring toenails, or the other foot.  Frequently, other household members may get infected, also, because of the

 “covering up” practice.

Dr. Max Weisfeld


Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Max Weisfeld, on WBAL-TV discussing fungus toenail treatment, and the use of oral Terbinafine Hydrocloride which is marketed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals under the brand name Lamisil.  (The video is under 4 minutes long and discusses the necessary steps to perform prior to therapy.)  

A 50 year old female, diabetic, patient prior to oral medication therapy.  Thick, yellow, and brittle large toenails, both feet.

The same patient one year after completion of oral medication therapy.  The large toenails, both feet, are clear and normal.

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A recent article in Podiatry Management (February 2010) stated that Lamisil tablets (Terbinafine Hydrochloride) were the most prescribed oral medication for fungus toenails, in 2009.  It was favored, by Podiatrists, at 80%  — far and away, over the 2nd choice at 7%.