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Dr. Max Weisfeld—Podiatrist

Fran Weisfeld, R.N.


Dr. Max Weisfeld


Baltimore, Maryland

Fran Weisfeld, RN is a Registered Nurse, and was a podiatric assistant for over 20 years.  Prior to that, Fran, worked as an Operating Room Nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital.


Fran trained at Bon Secours Hospital, in Baltimore, Maryland and received her nursing diploma from there.



Dr. Max Weisfeld, is a podiatrist.  He received his D.P.M. degree (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) in 1974, from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine.


Dr. Weisfeld completed a surgical residency, in forefoot surgery, (toenails, hammertoes, bunions, neuromas) at Kern Hospital in Warren, Michigan.  Dr. Weisfeld’s office was accredited as an Ambulatory Surgical Center by Medicare.


Dr. Weisfeld is a 1970 graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.


Dr. Weisfeld practiced in the same location for 30+ years.


In the last 10 years, Dr. Weisfeld has participated as a Principal Investigator, for the Mid Atlantic Research Center for Health (MARCH) in numerous clinical trials — many involving fungus toenails as well as diabetic ulcerations.