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The purpose of this site is to demonstrate that, due to disease and neglect, toenails can become very ugly, indeed!

The pictures, to the right, are extreme examples of ugly toenails.  This web site will educate you as to various conditions that occur to toenails and will demonstrate a variety of treatment regiments.

A very common problem that occurs to toenails is referred to as fungus toenails.

Some studies have reported an estimated 23 million Americans have nails that are infected with fungus.  Anyone can develop toenail fungus, but it occurs most often in adults.

Fungus toenails, known as onychomycosis (on-ee-ko-mi-ko-sis), by doctors, is an infection, primarily, caused by a living microorganism.  Toenail fungus flourishes in the moist, warm, and dark environment of socks and shoes.  Also, when the toenail is sealed with nail polish over an extended period of time.

If you have a toenail that is yellow or brown in color, thick, brittle, or cracking, you may have a nail fungus infection.  It is a condition that makes people self-conscious and embarrassed.

Toenail fungus is more than just an embarrassing cosmetic problem — it can also cause health problems.  Over time, the fungus can spread and destroy your entire nail.  Damaged, thick toenails cause pain while wearing shoes and especially while standing, walking, or playing sports.

Left untreated, fungus toenails can:

· Spread to your other toenails

· Infect other household members

· Cause abscesses underneath the nail

· Permanently deform the nail

· Delay healing

· Cause or worsen foot ulcers in people with diabetes






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